Indiana Women’s Prison History Project

168 | Writing Our Histories: A Conversation with Anastazia Schmid, Part Three

This week, we finish our conversation with Anastazia Schmid. This time around, she talks about labels- and the media’s role in the stigmatization of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. Schmid also talks to us about the Indiana Women’s Prison History Project, and other ways of presenting her historical research, especially outside of the academic setting,…

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79 | The Past Isn’t Passed: Cycles of Violence and Exploitation

This episode, we start out with a statement from Anastazia Schmid, a prisoner in the Indiana Women’s Prison. She walks us through a brief history of how prisons, and specifically the modern practice of prison slave labor, came about. She also talks through some basics of how prison serves to isolate those on the inside,…

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17 | Female Survival in Prison

This episode is the second installment exploring women within prisons. First, we get updates on struggles in Bulgaria and Turkey, hear about proposed changes to solitary confinement, and learn about the case of Red Fawn, a Colorado woman arrested at the Standing Rock occupation against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Micol Seigel interviews two women, Michelle…

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