This week’s episode covers the situation in the Midwest. We hear from Ben and Aaron, who work on supporting prisoners in Ohio and Indiana, respectively. Ben informs about Ohio prisoners who are still facing repercussions from the 1993 Lucasville uprising. We’ve introduced Lucasville in previous episodes of Kite Line, including an early episode focusing on the case of Bomani Shakur (aka Keith LaMar), and ongoing updates on Siddique Hasan. Ben walks us through some of the details of others involved in the uprising, and makes the case for amnesty for these prisoners, who are still facing retaliation for alleged involvement in the uprising 24 years ago. Aaron then gives us an overview of the increasing restrictions on communication that prisoners in Indiana are facing. As is evident in their talk, fighting against the prison system is a difficult battle on a legal level, and so in order to win it, the victory must be political.

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