This week marks our 4-year anniversary, and we would like to thank all those who have contributed their stories, labor, and expertise to Kite Line, making it possible to air news and experiences of incarceration for 211 consecutive episodes. Thank you!

In this episode, we share news from a major prison riot in Georgia, before airing the final part of Kristina Byers and Anastazia Schmid’s conversation on education in prison. In this segment, we learn more about the biases incarcerated people face while attempting to secure a degree. In a system rife with obstacles preventing prisoners from achieving their goals, Schmid describes applying for an advanced degree while in prison, and how even “radical” academic institutions still discriminate against those who have been convicted of felonies. Schmid overturned her wrongful conviction in 2019, and was freed after nearly two decades inside. You can hear previous stories with Anastazia on our website’s archive- but you can find the previous episodes from this conversation here, and here.

These interviews on barriers to higher education were made possible by the Lumina Foundation.

And please keep calling into our coronavirus hotline with information about COVID-19 conditions in prisons and jails: (765) 343-6236.